Bitcoin and Gold Stock to Flow

The “Plan B” – Model: The Holy Grail of Bitcoin Valuation?

“The high stock-to-flow ratio, the liquidity of the market, and its unique features as a monetary good set gold apart from all other asset...

The Two Paths to the Metavers

The unfolding digital universe, known as the metaverse, is being shaped by two distinct approaches: a decentralized path powered by blockchain technology, and a...
U.S. Regulated Bitcoin Derivatives

U.S. Regulated Bitcoin Derivatives: Blessing or Curse?

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group Inc. and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) announced plans to launch a cash-settled Bitcoin futures product by the...
gold stablecoins

Gold Stablecoins

“The only reason that cryptocurrencies exist is because of regulations that stop us from using gold as money.” Peter Schiff Key Takeaways Similar to gold-ETFs, all of...

Geographic Dispersion of Professional Cryptocurrency Investors

The growth of the cryptocurrency market has been explosive in recent years, as more investors and institutional players have entered the fray. Crypto adoption...

How Algorand works

Algorand was founded in late 2017 as the brainchild of the renowned Italian Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Silvio Micali. The 2012 Turing Award...

Which assets can be tokenized?

Just about any asset can be tokenized. To offer an idea of the possibilities, we will give some concrete examples below. Practical cases exist...

Corporate and Government Debt as Security Token

The increasing number of STOs issued by established institutions indicates the potential of this fundraising mechanism. As the mechanism ripens, more countries and corporations...

RBI Sees Potential in Digital Assets

We spoke to Stefan Andjelic from Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) about his views on digital assets for our report. This interview was one of...

Exchanges and Secondary Markets for Security Token

Right now there is an unspoken race being waged over who will win the world’s demand for security token trading and it isn't possible...