Crypto Winter Edition

Quarterly Review Q4 2018: Crypto Winter Edition

“The idea of having an alternative to traditional fiat money is attractive, especially today, when major currencies’ savings value is in jeopardy and the...
Cell Phone Theft Edition

Quarterly Review Q3 2018: Cell Phone Theft Edition

Satoshi’s vision is very much alive. Nobody wants to miss out on the journey even though it is going to be one hell of...
Wall Street Is Getting Ready

Quarterly Review Q2 2018: Wall Street Is Getting Ready

“The total market cap of cryptocurrencies was around USD 400bn, around a quarter of that of gold as store of wealth (gold bars, coins...

Quarterly Review Q1 2018: Ikarus Edition

“In 1924 John Maynard Keynes stated that an excellent economist has to possess a unique combination of gifts. He had to be a mathematician, historian, statesman...
ICOs: Money, Scams, and Big Hopes

Quarterly Review Q4 2017: ICOs: Money, Scams, and Big Hopes

Summer 2017 was the summer of Initial Coin Offerings. ICOs and token sales in the crypto sector have seen explosive growth. In 2017, more...