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Zeltner & Co

Zeltner & Co is a dynamic, innovative investment boutique, built on a family legacy of stability and private banking expertise.

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Bitpanda Pro

Bitpanda Pro is a European digital asset exchange focussed on crypto-to-fiat markets. It’s aimed at individual users, businesses and institutional clients who want to trade large volumes against European fiat currencies such as euro, Swiss franc and more. Trades can be done manually or by connecting automated trading bots to the state-of-the-art trading API (REST and Websocket).

Cointelegraph Consulting

The consulting and research arm of Cointelegraph. We offer wide scope services for enterprises, investment companies, and blockchain technology providers. We add value by providing enterprise consulting, research, and distribution services for our partners.


Relai is on a mission to make investing in bitcoin easy. The ‘Made in Switzerland’ bitcoin investment app enables anyone in Europe to invest in bitcoin within minutes and without the need for registration, verification, or a deposit. Learn more about Relai at

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