Crypto Research Report - Archive

All previous reports and further articles.

Crypto Research Report - June 2023 Edition

  • What's the Future of the Metaverse?
  • Metaverse Tokenomics
  • Corporates in the Metaverse
  • Metaverse Investment Opportunities
  • Metaverse Top 5 Ranking
  • Future Outlook

Crypto Research Report - October 2022 Edition

  • Survey of Professional Investors
  • Crypto Funds, Corporate Finance & Derivatives
  • How Institutions Buy and Store Digital Assets
  • Demographics of Institutional Investors in Cryptocurrencies
  • Obstacles to Institutional Cryptocurrency Adoption
  • Outlook on Institutional Demand for Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Research Report - March 2022 Edition

  • What Is Decentralized Finance?
  • Real-World Use and Adoption
  • Scaling Bitcoin
  • Layer-Two Scaling Solutions
  • DeFi on Ethereum
  • Solana, Polkadot, Algorand & Radix

Crypto Research Report - June 2021 Edition

  • What are Security Tokens?
  • Security Token Returns and Trading Volume
  • How Big Will Security Token Market Become?
  • Who Are The Biggest Players?
  • Security Token Regulation
  • Future Outlook

Crypto Research Report - October 2020 Edition

  • Professional Demand for Digital Assets
  • Timing The Market
  • Banks Investing in Blockchain Education
  • The Financial Landscape
  • Regulated Crypto Funds
  • Digital Asset Compliance
  • Tax Impacts on Investors Investing in Digital Assets

Crypto Research Report - June 2020 Edition

  • An Absolute Valuation of Bitcoin & Co.
  • Is Tether a Black Swan for Bitcoin?
  • Coin Corner: Privacy Coins and MimbleWimbleCoin

Crypto Research Report - February 2020 Edition

  • In Case You Were Sleeping: Iran, Gold, and a Small Bitcoin Boom
  • The “Plan B” - Model: The Holy Grail of Bitcoin Valuation?
  • The Stock to Flow Model: Mark Valek’s Exclusive Interview with “Plan B”
  • Crypto Custody: What’s new in Germany

Crypto Research Report - October 2019 Edition

  • In Case You Were Sleeping: Banking on the Blockchain
  • How Crypto Brokers and Funds Source Liquidity
  • A Primer onRegulation and Trading in Switzerland
  • Tokenizing the Swiss Franc with Armin Schmid of Swiss Crypto Tokens

Crypto Research Report - July 2019 Edition

  • In Case You Were Sleeping: The Facebook Edition
  • Libra: The End of the State Money Monopoly?
  • Coin Corner: Ripple Labs Inc. and XRP
  • Fireside Chat with Nick Szabo on Scaling Bitcoin

Crypto Research Report - April 2019 Edition

  • In Case You Were Sleeping: When the Tide Goes Out…
  • Gold and Bitcoin: A Crypto Strategy, also for Institutional Investors
  • Technical Analysis: Spring Awakening?
  • Crypto Concepts: Cryptocurrency Mining in Theory and Practice
  • John Tromp: Making Computer Science Great Again

Crypto Research Report - January 2019 Edition

  • In Case You Were Sleeping: Crypto Winter Edition
  • Crypto Concepts: Custody Solutions for Crypto Currencies
  • A Bitcoin Standard? Saifedean Ammous Musing with the Crypto Research Report
  • Institutional Requirements for an Investible Crypto Index
  • Equity Tokens
  • Legal Challenges for Blockchain-Based Capital Markets

Crypto Research Report - October 2018 Edition

  • In Case You Were Sleeping: Cell Phone Theft Edition
  • Crypto Concept: Smart Contracts
  • Liechtenstein’s Blockchain Strategy
  • Coin Corner: ETH, NEO, ADA, & EOS
  • The Network Effect As a Valuation Methodology

Crypto Research Report - June 2018 Edition

  • In Case You Were Sleeping: Wall Street Is Getting Ready
  • Crypto Concept: Consensus Mechanisms
  • Competing Currencies and Digital Money: How Hayekian are Cryptocurrencies?
  • Coin Corner – Blockchain 3.0 The Future of DLT?

Crypto Research Report - March 2018 Edition

  • In Case You Were Sleeping: Ikarus Edition
  • Bubble or Hyperdeflation?
  • Coin Corner: War Within Bitcoin
  • Technical Analysis: Is a Crypto Winter About to Start?
  • Crypto Concept: Fork
  • 10 Facts About Max Tertinegg, the CEO of Coinfinity
  • Incrementum Insights: How Will Cryptocurrencies Change Finance

Crypto Research Report - December 2017 Edition

  • Introduction to the Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies
  • ICOs: Money, Scams, and Big Hopes
  • U.S. Regulated Bitcoin Derivatives: Blessing or Curse?
  • Constructing a Cryptocurrency Index
  • Taxation of Cryptocurrencies in Europe
  • Farewell 2017: Year of ICOs, Hard Forks, and Upward Trends