U.S. Regulated Bitcoin Derivatives

U.S. Regulated Bitcoin Derivatives: Blessing or Curse?

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group Inc. and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) announced plans to launch a cash-settled Bitcoin futures product by the...

Which assets can be tokenized?

Just about any asset can be tokenized. To offer an idea of the possibilities, we will give some concrete examples below. Practical cases exist...
Gold and Bitcoin A Crypto Strategy also for Institutional Investors

Gold and Bitcoin: A Crypto Strategy, also for Institutional Investors

“Digital gold and physical gold make a highly interesting combination as a portfolio. Excess volatility is dampened by gold, while you still can participate...

Swiss Bitcoin Startup Relai Appoints Former Bitpanda Exec as New CMO

ZURICH - Zurich-based bitcoin investing startup, Relai, today announced that Imo Bábics will join as Chief Marketing Officer to lead the company's European expansion...

Comparing Consensus on Polkadot & Ethereum

When evaluating the technology of a Blockchain it is always important to look at the Consensus Mechanism that this Blockchain uses. When it comes...

How will the market for Security Tokens develop?

By 2030, most securities will be tokenized. In an exclusive interview with Raiffeisen Bank International, Raiffeisen states that the way we trade securities today...
Why and how are companies investing in Digital Assets

Why and how are companies investing in Digital Assets?

Digital Assets are a new and very specific group of assets that is increasingly interesting to investors for many different reasons. What are these...

Real-World Use and Adoption of Solana

Driven by DeFi activity and NFT sales, Solana rose to prominence the fall of 2021. Constantly pushing the envelope, its team now wants to...
Legal Challenges for Blockchain-Based Capital Markets

Discrepancies identified in the transparency data provided by PAX Gold and Tether Gold

A recent analysis of PAX Gold (PAXG) and Tether Gold (XAUt), specifically with regards to reporting and transparency on the underlying gold backing their...

Non-Ethereum Blockchains and Protocol Standards

After discussing Ethereum and security token issuance last week, this week we will turn our attention to various alternatives. When deciding which blockchain to...