Ethereum Staking and Lending Rates

Ethereum 2.0 can’t come soon enough, as blocks were always full in 2021. The next iteration of Ethereum will be a proof-of-stake (PoS) network...

Perception of Cryptocurrencies Among Institutions

Cryptocurrency has been a topic of much debate in the investment community. While some see it as a valuable asset class, others still view...

Applicability of Money Laundering Regulations

Anti-money laundering provisions must be implemented in the area of digital assets in basically the same way as for fiat money, both at EU/EEA...

The Securities Act of 1933: Registration Requirements for Token Sales

The establishment of a framework for security tokens in the U.S. is critical to the widespread adoption and further development of blockchain technology. For...

Staking and Lending with Solana

SOL holders enjoy a variety of options for putting their tokens to work. Non-custodial staking is available in the Exodus wallet or with the...

Options as a Tool for Cryptocurrency Investors

Options are an important tool for investors to manage volatility risks, and the cryptocurrency market is no exception. While the volume of options traded...
Liechtenstein Tax Law by Matthias Langer

Review: Liechtenstein Tax Law by Matthias Langer

In the book, The Liechtenstein Tax Law, Matthias Langer hits the nail on the head in respect to taxation of blockchain and FinTech companies...

Dash Investment Foundation buys RUNE in preparation for THORChain

The Dash Investment Foundation (DIF) announced on social media that they have begun to purchase the digital asset RUNE in support and preparation for...

Bitcoin and DeFi

Bitcoin's design has specific limitations that make much of what Ethereum's goals are impossible. However, these very limitations make Bitcoin more secure and stable....

Initial Coin Distribution of Polkadot

To date, Polkadot has raised roughly $200 million from investors from two sales of its DOT cryptocurrency, making it one of the most well-funded...