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Liechtenstein’s Blockchain Strategy: Insights from the Financial Market Authority

“Payment tokens can only be issued to companies with an FMA license, e. g., an electronic money license or a bank license. However, there are certain exceptions that do not require a permit. With securities tokens, it depends on whether the company uses the token to create a financial instrument for investors or to raise…

Advisory Board Meeting Q2

Oliver Völkel Stefan Wieler Max Tertinegg Topics Market Overview Lightning Network Regulation Custody and Institutions Final thoughts The Bitcoin Standard (video) Mark Valek:  Welcome to our second advisory board meeting of the Crypto Research Report. Thank you so much for joining us again this quarter. Max Tertinegg co-founder & CEO of Coinfinity, Oliver Völkel, Partner…

Quarterly Review Q1 2018: Ikarus Edition

“In 1924 John Maynard Keynes stated that an excellent economist has to possess a unique combination of gifts. He had to be a mathematician, historian, statesman and philosopher. In regard to Bitcoin, this list needs to also include several more traits. An excellent crypto-economist should also be a software, hardware and blockchain specialist on top of the…

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