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Gold Stablecoins

“The only reason that cryptocurrencies exist is because of regulations that stop us from using gold as money.” Peter Schiff Key Takeaways Similar to gold-ETFs, all of the gold-backed cryptocurrencies on the market are centralized. This means they have counterparty risk. Unlike storing your own physical gold, gold-backed cryptocurrencies require you to trust a company…

Gold and Bitcoin: A Crypto Strategy, also for Institutional Investors

“Digital gold and physical gold make a highly interesting combination as a portfolio. Excess volatility is dampened by gold, while you still can participate in much of Bitcoin’s optionality.” Mark Valek Key Takeaways Practical problems and structural hurdles have so far prevented most institutional investors from entering the crypto asset arena. A generally low level…

Quarterly Review Q3 2018: Cell Phone Theft Edition

Satoshi’s vision is very much alive. Nobody wants to miss out on the journey even though it is going to be one hell of a ride. A Heist With Perfect Timing Hindsight is an incredible thing. We now know that a Bitcoin investor could have easily sold back in January 2018 when the price was…

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