New Metaverse Project Stocks

Navigating the digital waters of the metaverse, investors are on the lookout for potential goldmines. Big players like Meta are already investing heavily, but finding a company solely focused on the metaverse is still elusive. This piece aims to guide you on spotting both publicly listed companies and greenhorns in this exciting new realm.

Publicly traded companies are usually maturer than their tokenized counterparts. As of now, we don’t know of any company that focuses exclusively on the metaverse.

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is definitely pouring tons of money into the development of the technology and user experience around that subject but, so far, has seen little success, much to the chagrin of shareholders.

Please check out section 4.2 of this report for the top publicly listed companies in this space. This section will focus on finding the newcomers. DefiLlama(1) has a section that features recent raises and gives you some details about the companies.

You can use the search function of your web browser to find metaverse-related raises and follow companies to see when they’re doing an initial public offering (IPO).

A good old internet search for “new metaverse stocks” will also surface numerous websites that give you the low down on incumbents and newcomers alike.(2)

If you’re already an active investor, you’ll likely have a go-to list of stock-picking websites like the Motley Fool or Liberated Trader that you frequent. Searching for metaverse stocks there might surprise you.

Watching sites that cover new IPOs and researching companies is also a good way to get in as early as possible, but of course, this requires a certain amount of time dedicated to the process.(3)

You can also leave the research to dedicated professionals and buy one of the ETFs or other funds in our section 4.3 to get exposure to the metaverse with minimal upfront work.

Of course, Cointelegraph will report on metaverse IPOs on its news site — definitely worth watching.

Investing in the metaverse is no child’s play; it requires vigilance and knowledge. From using websites like DefiLlama to tracking IPOs, there are several ways to stay informed. Alternatively, ETFs and other funds offer a less labor-intensive option. With news sites like Cointelegraph, keeping up with metaverse IPOs becomes a breeze. As we plunge deeper into the metaverse, the key to success lies in staying ahead of the curve.

(1) DefiLlama’s raises database can be found here: Raises – DefiLlama
(2) Bing search for “new metaverse stocks” here: new metaverse stocks – Search (
(3) Here is a website that covers recent and upcoming IPOs: 2023 IPO Calendar