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Quarterly Review Q4 2018: Crypto Winter Edition

“The idea of having an alternative to traditional fiat money is attractive, especially today, when major currencies’ savings value is in jeopardy and the trust they require to work is declining. Central banks are no longer focused on their duty to protect money’s value and have instead bowed to the pressure spendthrift governments have put…

Advisory Board Meeting Q4

Mark Valek: Welcome to our Advisory Board Crypto Research Report of the fourth quarter. A lot has been going on and we are very happy to have all of you here again to talk about some of the developments. Pricewise, cryptocurrency markets are generally still on the weaker side, we have been experiencing a bear…


“A ‘hard fork’ occurs when a new rule is introduced, one that is no longer compatible with old software. If you do not join the upgraded version of the blockchain, you do not get access to the new system’s user base and transactional traffic. Think PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4: In a hard fork, you…

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