How to Find Out About New Metaverse Tokens

The metaverse, a burgeoning frontier of digital interaction, offers exciting opportunities through project tokens and stocks. This article guides you to resources like Cointelegraph, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap for the latest metaverse news and trends. DappRadar provides key metrics for DApps, while Twitter influencers offer additional insights. However, due to the risks associated with smaller projects, thorough research is paramount.

So, you want your slice of the metaverse? Eager to stake your claim in these new lands? We got you covered. This section will equip you with the tools you need to find out about new metaverse project tokens and stocks.

Let’s start with tokens. As we discussed earlier in this report, tokens are usually the hallmark of Web3 metaverse projects, such as Illuvium or Decentraland, whereas some Web2 projects come from publicly traded companies, like Meta.

First, Cointelegraph’s excellent coverage of current affairs lets you search for the term “metaverse” so you’re the first to know if a new project launches.Price aggregator CoinGecko has a distinct metaverse section that you can sort by performance to see trends.

Watch out, because there are some microcaps in there that are likely very risky to hold because liquidity will be very constrained. This is not financial advice, please do your own research.

CoinMarketCap(1) also has a metaverse section and has slightly higher market cap requirements. CMC charges coins for listings, which also means you might miss some grass-roots developments that do not want to pay to play.

Last but definitely not least is DappRadar(2), which focuses on important metrics for DApps, like unique active wallets (UAWs) and balance (TVL for games). DappRadar is a great place to check if projects are getting traction.

Following Twitter influencers isn’t a bad idea, either. Zeneca.eth(3) and his Zen Academy are a good place to start. Punk6529(4) and 1990s rapper MC Hammer have surprisingly deep NFT and metaverse know-how.

In conclusion, the metaverse presents a thrilling new chapter in digital interaction. With the right tools and resources, you can navigate this evolving space and potentially become a pioneer in this digital landscape.

1. CoinMarketCap’s metaverse section can be found here: Top Metaverse Tokens
2. DappRadar doesn’t have a metaverse section, but its “Games” section is close: Top Blockchain Games
3. Join its Discord server here: Discord – Zen Academy
4. Twitter profile here: 6529 (@punk6529) / Twitter