The first crypto superapp Sinum introduces two more features

Sinum continues to impress us with its updates and by the end of the fourth quarter of 2023, they have already added 15 in-app widgets and are ready to show us two exciting new features – Whales Alert and Sinum Score.

Whales Alert

Active traders who follow the market closely will find this feature particularly useful. Sinum’s in-app Whale Alert Widget is linked to the official Whale Alert API, the leading blockchain transaction data provider, that offers current information on large transactions on the crypto market. 

Sinum will notify you immediately via push notifications about the real-time information on these transactions. You also have the option to filter the alerts and create a filter that only notifies you about the tokens you’re interested in. All Whale Alerts are stored in the app as a feed, so it’s easy to view and analyse the Whale transaction history. As a Sinum app user, you can trust the Whale Alert to keep you informed about market changes.

As a result, you can better anticipate price changes and take timely action without the loss of crucial opportunities. And indeed, traders will find it useful. Imagine receiving the alert, rethinking your trading strategy and swapping tokens without wasting a minute. And all without leaving the app. It’s great to see how the Sinum widgets aren’t just a set of functions, but they’re linked to each other, providing a vast range of possibilities for using the app. 

Sinum Score

This will surely prompt you to get the app. Sinum has introduced a new feature, Sinum Score, that allows users to earn points for using the app and on-chain activities. Opened a widget for the first time? Earn points. Swapped tokens in the in-app token exchange? Earn points for that too. With this new feature you’ll be rewarded for discovering all the obvious and the hidden features. This makes the app more like a game. Stay tuned for project announcements, as these points will be able to be exchanged for rewards in the future. 

Sinum Score also includes a leaderboard that shows the top users of the app throughout the week and all time. Take part in activities and use different features of the app to earn points and take first place. 

With Sinum Score, your user account goes from being a plain wallet address to something much more. It turns into your personal page with rankings, total points earned, achievements and the history of your on-chain activities. Update your profile and share your achievements with your friends, on social media and in the Web3 community. Use your profile as your personal calling card to show your experience and reliability in the blockchain space.


As you can see, Sinum is truly built as an ultimate web3 app that not only provides various interconnected widgets and features to help you in the crypto market but also makes your daily activities enjoyable and rewarding.

Sinum app is already available for download on GooglePlay and AppStore, so you can be one of the first to try out the new features.