Introducing Bolstyr, The Future of Content Creation

With Web 3.0 buzzing throughout the crypto space and tech industry, many developers and enthusiasts are working to create and integrate the internet and modern technology into decentralized protocols. Crypto gaming, social media, and content creation are at the forefront of this wave, and with the rising popularity of crypto, it’s no surprise how quickly this movement is picking up momentum. Crypto gaming was the talk of 2021,  social media seeing glimpses of  NFTs and crypto integration earlier this year. Following in stride is an emerging content creation and subscription platform called Bolstyr. Bolstyr is a content creation platform with a system that is fully sustained through advertising sinks, trading fees, and industry-leading content creator incentives that are driven entirely by its native token, BOL, which is aimed to launch in Q2 of 2022. 

Bolstyr will be revolutionary for content creators and their fans. As businesses struggle to obtain prime rates for subscription processing via credit card, they must charge high commissions to pay intermediary parties. Combining that with the untapped potential to utilize the $2 trillion cryptocurrency market to pay content creators without using costly off-ramps, you create the perfect environment for users to subscribe to creators while allowing creators to earn every penny they deserve. The platform fees of competitors like Patreon and Onlyfans do not allow the same earning potential. For professional Filipino-American MMA fighter and Bolstyr Brand Ambassador Mark Striegl, he stated it was one of the main reasons he didn’t create on either platform and why he was so quick to jump on the opportunity to join Bolstyr. 

Overall, Bolstyr has been in development for nearly a year. Alongside their Brand Ambassadors is a strong team of employees and advisors. CEO of Riveted Games, Philip Devine, and Kevin Abdulrahman, a motivational speaker to fortune 500 companies and leading governments, are two advisors supporting the project alongside the CEO, Aaron Hutton, and his team. Bolstyr’s website and token whitelist launched on March 22, 2022, as this is the official beginning of an auspicious project. 


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