Automated Yield Farming Solutions Now Available on Polygon

SW DAO launches the BTC, ETH, and MATIC Yield Fund after the success of their flagship USDC Yield Fund. SW DAO wants to bring users a more straightforward way of yield farming. That is why they will introduce such new automated solutions beginning today.

SW Yield Fund was created to help users invest in some of the most sought-after DeFi yield farms. This is possible through the SW DAO Machine Learning overlay, combined with experts’ data analyses that have the purpose of minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

Introducing the AI risk-management system in the SW DAO Yield Fund, the new automated technologies will help the Quantitative research team monitor charts, check contracts, and find market opportunities.

Using SW DAO Yield Fund

Using SW DAO Yield Fund for yield farming employs various short and long-term strategies backed by machine learning to generate alpha for the investors. Instead of users researching and worrying about rug pulls and scams, SW DAO Yield Fund will do this and provide investors with the returns.

SW Yield Fund works like a traditional Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). To start using SW DAO Yield Fund, users can connect their Polygon wallet to and exchange any approved ERC20 for strategy tokens.

More to know

SW DAO Yield Fund is a diversified fund seeking a 40% target return per year. Users can take advantage of yield farms’ interest payments as some boast incredibly high returns. 

Some yield farms claim to offer as high as 40,000% per year after compounding, but such high returns come with significant risks, and users should tread carefully.

SWYF allocates 25% to a single DeFi protocol to balance protocol risk. This fund also commits to a maximum of 25% directional market exposure but aims for zero market exposure.

A team of DeFi developers and quantitative analysts investigates and reviews all protocols for which SWYF provides liquidity. Protocol insurance will be acquired from DeFi insurance providers such as Nexus Mutual and InsurAce as it becomes available.

With a quarterly lockup period, SW Yield Fund redemption is only available for the last three days of every calendar quarter. 

About SW DAO

SW DAO provides several strategic DeFi investment solutions that manage capital using Machine Learning and quantitative techniques. 

The platform’s algorithms analyze terabytes of data, including market data, social media posts, and blockchain activity, for patterns and correlations that help them estimate market direction, volatility, and risk. SW DAO develops alpha-generating techniques based on their systems’ results, which are further scientifically analyzed.

Contact for more 

You can obtain technical information by checking the official SW DAO Yield Fund website. Also, for details about the entire activity of the financial services provider SW DAO, you can check their social media accounts: Twitter and Telegram.