How Helo™ is Solving Blockchain’s Core Problems

Blockchain adoption faces a variety of obstacles ranging from minimal knowledge about how blockchain technology works, to unsolvable problems that hinder usability. Government regulation and sentiment, especially regarding the impact that Proof of Work has on the environment also cause caution from potential adopters of the tech.

The Helo™ blockchain, developed by NuPay Technologies Inc., is a solution designed to elevate blockchain technology to its true potential.

Speed and Efficiency 

Bitcoin and Ethereum, among other top protocols, often experience network congestion, spikes in network fees, or halts. Proof of Ethic™, being essentially a game of speed, incentivizes nodes to generate blocks as fast as possible, while incorporating a dynamic block size to prevent bottleneck congestion.

Dynamic block sizes, exclusive to and made possible by Proof of Ethic™, enable transactions to be processed as efficiently as possible, rather than waiting for a predetermined time or block size. A block is generated in correlation to the network activity for seamless throughput. Existing models show Proof of Ethic™ achieving several million of transactions per second

Accessibility, Awareness, and Understanding

The Helo™ blockchain uses the patent-pending Proof of Ethic™ consensus algorithm. Additional roles are unlocked based on a scoring and activity system. Each role comes with its own unique reward distribution, as they command different levels of commitment from the user. Users will soon be able to use accumulated rewards to use across the network in both delegation and commerce.


Government regulation is now a global discussion and is seemingly inevitable as adoption increases. To protect Helo™ participants, Helo™ is designed to be adaptable to meet any future standards, as well as implementing a KYC policy to align with existing crypto exchanges and financial institutions. No personal data is stored by Helo™ after KYC is complete.

Destructive Environmental Behavior 

The Helo™ Blockchain is both self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. This is because the Helo™ blockchain requires infinitely smaller amounts of energy for its operational functions, including transactions and validation.

Helo™ is ready to revolutionize blockchain technology. For more information visit or contact us through the form on our website.

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About NuPay Technologies:

NuPay Technologies is a blockchain corporation founded by Brad Wilson in 2021 alongside a specialized team of innovative disruptors, hailing from professional backgrounds in merchant services, corporate governance, banking, software development, sales, and marketing.

The mission of NuPay Technologies is to advance the evolution of the blockchain industry through sustainable and innovative products. We strive to resolve industry problems, cultivate growth, and increase accessibility for all. Our belief is that blockchain technology should be accessible to all, regardless of technological literacy.

We seek to unlock the limitless potential of digital assets; all while having a minimal impact on the planet. And doing so with the greenest blockchain technology ever invented (Patent-pending).