The Blockchain technology is fast gaining momentum in the digital world and so is the attractive job opportunities that comes with it. This technology is a decentralized digital network that makes it highly difficult for information or data to be altered or hacked on the system. Most cryptocurrencies use Blockchain technology to record transactions because of its transparency.

Crypto jobs are currently gaining popular demand in the digital world because of its peculiar skills set and also the lucrative salaries. Below are the Top 10 Blockchain Jobs in the World:


Currently one of the most popular Blockchain jobs, Blockchain developers basically develop applications using the Blockchain technology. To excel in this field as a developer, extensive knowledge of Python, C++, .NET, XML, etc. are important. Blockchain Developers earn an average of $91,000 per year because of its common demand. 


A Blockchain Analyst is responsible for analysing the Blockchain app, as well as ensuring that all potential risks are detected concerning the application. A Blockchain Analyst is also responsible for the growth and marketing strategy of the app and must have high knowledge of the Blockchain technology. The basic salary is around $93,480/year. 


Blockchain Engineers specialize in creating and implementing digital solutions for organizations and companies using blockchain technology. For this career path, good experience in programming languages like Python and Java, with knowledge of cryptocurrencies are important. A Blockchain Engineer takes home roughly $70,000 per year. 


This blockchain job demands creativity and a good eye for user friendly designs. A UI/UX Designer is responsible for creating an interface for the Blockchain app that is user friendly and easy to navigate. This job opportunity requires technicality and considerable knowledge of the Blockchain technology and pays an average of $107,000/year. 


A Blockchain Architect helps to infuse blockchain in building and designing solutions by designing and connecting the various blockchain parts. This blockchain job opportunity requires cooperation with other team members and knowledge in React, CSS, HTML, React Python, Generic SQL, Node and also experience in DevOps, data science, and cryptography are highly important. Basic salary caps at $114,000/year. 


This career path is one of the most sought after in the Blockchain industry. A potential blockchain administrator should be fluent in the workings of Bitcoin protocol, including knowledge of programming languages and good usage of Linux/Unix. A blockchain administrator is in charge of coordinating the components of a blockchain infrastructure and takes homes around $67,000/year. 


Ranking high amongst the blockchain jobs, a blockchain quality engineer ensures that all components of the blockchain application are of top quality by testing for bugs and glitches. Knowledge of the blockchain platform is essential with crypto exchange being a bonus. Average salary for this career opportunity hangs around $107,000-$120,000/year. 

Other Blockchain jobs available in the Blockchain industry include PROJECT MANAGER (in charge of connecting the blockchain experts with the needs or goals of the company), LEGAL CONSULTANT (for the legal aspects of the Blockchain infrastructure) and BLOCKCHAIN CONSULTANT (for provision of technical knowledge and expertise as regards the blockchain platform)

These are the Top 10 Blockchain jobs currently and it is advisable to go with one that matches your skills and qualifications because the Blockchain industry is rapidly expanding.