The Unessential Elite: Blockchain and Crypto Jobs for the Bored and Newly Unemployed

If you’re like the many employees who have recently found themselves furloughed- you’re looking for something at home to keep you busy. Look no further.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about securing a job in crypto is that this doesn’t mean you’re actually working with currency. Crypto jobs are essentially any occupation that exists within a peer-to-peer, decentralized framework- occasionally compensated with these digital tokens of lore.

This means that you don’t have to be one of the wall streets suited elites to gain a crypto paycheck. While day trading in crypto can definitely be a boon for your bank account in these rather economically uncertain days- just make sure that you’re using a decent exchange platform. One preferably made with newer users in mind. Exchanges like are ideal for anyone who’s looking to get in on the trading side of crypto jobs- but for everyone else, common requisites need not apply.

COVID-19 has not only had a massively detrimental effect on our health, but it’s also put millions out of work- leaving them without an outlet for creativity, usefulness, and a much-needed paycheck. While some believe that getting paid in cryptocurrency doesn’t sound like the best way to fund your family’s toilet roll needs, what it can offer is something positive to focus on. Cryptocurrency not only allows you compensation for your you may likely be doing anyway, but it also offers you the ability to speculate on future markets- which may offer many some much-needed hope for tomorrow.

Remote Working on the Rise

The remote workforce has exploded in the last few years, even before the rise of COVID-19 and it’s newfound “Unessential” workforce. In the wake of this virus, millions of people have found themselves outside of work, as their particular skill sets may not illicit “essential” status, or their jobs won’t allow them to work from home… yet.

Crypto employment opportunities are available to more people than one might think. While programmers and developers will always sit on the front lines of this profession, artists, entrepreneurs, and even trade workers can possibly find good-paying work in the digital sphere.

In fact, many of these jobs are fairly far from the beaten path, as few require degrees or job history- just proof that you can do the work desired in a satisfactory manner. Which opens up new avenues for artists and other traditionally vague freelance work. So long as you don’t mind your paycheck in cryptocurrency. Meme generation specialists, street artists, content creation, and even public speaking jobs are coming under the crypto compensation banner.

If you’re flexible with which crypto you’re comfortable earning, as well as clever with social networking platforms like Facebook and Reddit, you can get paid purely by posting random things that others are interested in. Influencers are where the big money is made, but there are a number of sites that will allow you to make crypto based off of ad engagement or social engagement on your posts.

Where to Look for Crypto Jobs

Apart from earning a much-needed paycheck, working from home at this time may actually help protect your mental health. A survey released by Flexjobs in February, employees and employers alike said that working from home and promoting flexibility would likely lead to increased morale and productivity. With 80% of remote employees reporting less job-related stress, which is something we could all enjoy right now.

The Mental Health Foundation also says that “employment is vital for maintaining good mental health”, meaning that many of us should be looking for something to keep us busy and make us feel valued during these uncertain times. There are a number of places that one can easily go to sniff out a gig that pays in crypto. Especially when you can’t roam far from your couch, these jobs are ideal. AS many of them have extremely flexible hours and are more focused on output than anything else.

There are always the popular part-time or freelance job sites, like Upwork or Freelancer- but make sure that you don’t discount career classics like LinkedIn or Searching for terms like “cryptocurrency” or “blockchain” on these sites can be fairly rewarding for the crypto career explorer. There are also sites that collate crypto jobs specifically. Sites like,, and all focus solely on jobs within the blockchain and crypto sphere, making it even more simple to snag a crypto job without ever leaving the house.