Phase IX: A New Era of CryptoBlades Earning

(9.1) Dynamic Minting Price

As of April 20, 2022, CryptoBlades character minting underwent a core update to its pricing and process called Dynamic Minting. Dynamic Minting is a new formula designed to regulate the amount of minting possible. Like the game’s Multi-Farm feature, a constant multiplier oscillates based on activity to control the outflow of minting—each costing more as activity and time go on. There is currently a floor price mechanic in place that does not let the minting price fall beneath a set amount. This amount will be updated as the price doubles from its current value, creating intense deflation over the coming weeks for CryptoBlades’ NFTs.

(9.2) CryptoBlades Genesis Event

The CBC (CryptoBlades Characters) Genesis Event will be the end of CryptoBlades generation one characters being able to be minted, meaning the current characters minted before then will be the only ones of their kind. With this, they will become 100% deflationary, increasing value over time as players continue to burn them using the character burn feature. This step is to dramatically increase generation one NFTs’ value and rewards for each individually. 

(9.3) Implementing New Fee Structure and Increasing Rewards

By playing CryptoBlades, players earn rewards after each successful combat that they can claim for a steady profit. The third step involves implementing a 25% generation one native gas fee on rewards, scaling with players’ earnings. However, this will be counteracted by increasing rewards by 25%. The purpose of this is to use a portion of gas fees to buy back SKILL and permanently fill Gold and Silver Multi-Farms. This liquidity incentive allows CryptoBlades to benefit from every smart chain they deploy to, regardless of involvement from the exchanges or smart chains themselves. It also will provide a permanent solution to multipliers on chains that lack adequate Knighthood partnerships.

(9.4) CryptoBlades Characters Second Generation

However, this is not the end for creating CryptoBlades teams. The second generation of characters will be released. One key difference will be with their own reward and minting structure. These will have similar prices to that of the NFTs currently and be affordable to many. Generation two will utilize its own Multi-Farm apart from generation one. It can be thought of as generation one earning “Gold” and generation two earning “Silver”.

(9.5) IGO Initiative for New Wallets

This will give players funds to craft weapons, spend in the shop, and create dust to power up their blades. They want players to have the most success and fun while earning!

(9.6) Increasing Reforge Bonuses

Existing and future reforge bonuses will be increased providing more incentive to burn weapons, increasing the floor price of CryptoBlades weapon NFTs. More bonuses mean more power which will bring more rewards for players!

(9.7) Multiple Smart Chain Additions

These will provide significant financial incentives for bridging monthly active users. These chains will also be provided with high-quality farm percentages to ensure they maintain the incentive requirements, with a portion of these incentives going directly into the reward pools. This allows our community to work together to achieve the active users’ benchmarks and win these rewards.

(9.8) Launch BAS and/or Avalanche Subnets
These will operate through SKILL token to add permanent utility for SKILL by offering a full suite of GameFi and DeFi services on our chains.

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