Incrementum Recommended Books: Crypto Currencies and Blockchain

Incrementum Recommended Books Crypto Currencies and Blockchain
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Today, thousands of cryptocurrencies exist and even more books on the topic of cryptocurrencies exist. Determining which books are worth the read is almost as difficult as determining which cryptocurrencies to invest in. A book that we recently read called Kryptowährungen und Blockchains was published last year in March 2019 by Dr. Niklas Schmidt. This book has already had to be reprinted several times due to popular demand and the English version, Crypto Currencies and Blockchain is set to be translated and release by the end of this year 2020.

Das Buch Kryptowährungen und Blockchains von Dr. Niklas Schmidt

The book closes the gap by covering detailed insights about cryptocurrencies and blockchains for the German-speaking readership. It is comprised of three main characteristics: First and foremost, it contains about 400 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that provide an easily digestible introduction to the subject without having to read the entire book– although we highly encourage the full read.

Secondly, the book covers a wide spectrum of topics in great detail from technological functionality & characteristics of the blockchain to its economic aspects & implications. Some examples of this include: Bitcoin’s price development, the disruptive effects blockchain has on various industries, and a legal overview covering civil, tax, accounting, corporate, labour, commercial, data protection, supervisory, money laundering and criminal law.

Thirdly, the content is practical in that it contains many real-life examples and anecdotes so the reader can have better context. Some chapters also offer helpful lists of the industry’s current wallets, exchanges, blogs, newsletters, and apps.

Overall, this book we recommend without restriction and a great resource for both beginner readers and those who want to acquire a deeper knowledge of Bitcoin and beyond.

A Physical and Digital copy of Kryptowährungen und Blockchains (German) can be purchased on the publisher Linde Verlag’s Website.

The English version will be released this year (late 2020).

Dr. Niklas Schmidt