Best App To Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria and Ghana — Prestmit

Bitcoin has been the most popular and expensive cryptocurrency among over 10,000 coins in the crypto space. Its value has attracted a huge number of investors who want to leverage its market price to make fortunes for themselves.

Also, its potential in disrupting the stock market while retaining a decentralized nature across borders and territories has made many companies and few countries adopt Bitcoin use. Bitcoin trading is increasingly growing amongst cryptocurrency traders, with other financial institutions mulling on the bandwagon to have an encompassing stream of customers that trade in both Bitcoin and fiat currencies.

In Nigeria and Ghana, Bitcoin trading is a major way of becoming a millionaire within the twinkle of an eye as the exploits of cryptocurrency are already taking over the world. Its potential is massive as it does bullish prices that have in recent times reached an all-time high price.

However, because the markets are open every hour of the day and night, you must always be ready to buy when a good deal arises or to sell when a loss is too great.

So are you looking for how to sell Bitcoin? Do you need a trusted Bitcoin exchange that can boost your courage and finance in the crypto trading world? Prestmit is here for you!

Prestmit is a web and mobile-based Bitcoin exchange that is extolled for its simple user access and reliability in the world of Bitcoin trading. Launched in 2017, Prestmit has curated a niche for itself as one of the best apps to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria and Ghana.

Using the Prestmit app, new and existing users can easily sell gift cards for Bitcoin or convert BTC to either naira or cedi, which is enabled by a series of automated transaction processes. 

Furthermore, the Prestmit App is available on Google Play Store and the Apple Play Store for the most convenient and secure crypto-transactions yet to come.

Great Features Of Selling Bitcoin On The Prestmit App

1. Easy To Use

To create a positive user experience with a Bitcoin app, it must be simple to use. The Prestmit app, like the web platform, is simple with a user-friendly interface.

2. Instant Payment

Getting payment after selling your Bitcoin on the Prestmit app is considerably fast. Prestmit boasts of having the fastest payment time, which is between 5-10 minutes.

3. Security

A centralized security system and two-factor authentication (2FA) are just two of the many security features built into the Prestmit app to keep your account safe at all times.

4. Prompt Customer Support

Across the time, 24/7, the support team is available to assist new and existing Prestmit customers to resolve any issues related to their account management.

Bitcoin Products Available On The Prestmit App

  • Bitcoin to Naira
  • Bitcoin to Cedis
  • Gift Cards to Bitcoin

How To Sell Bitcoin On Prestmit App

1. Create An Account

Registering to create an account on the Prestmit app takes nothing less than one minute. 

2. Generate Address

This is having a Prestmit wallet address that would enable you to send and receive Bitcoin at will. This can be achieved by clicking on “Generate BTC wallet” on the Bitcoin wallet page.

3. Send Bitcoin

You can now send Bitcoin to your Prestmit wallet which will be converted to either naira or cedis. This process is in respect to the current exchange rate, which can be accessed using the rate calculator on your wallet page.

4. Get paid

After you have gotten three successive confirmations, cash will be transferred into your local bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I send Bitcoin from any country?

Yes! Sending BTC is possible from any country, from any wallet, and even from any Bitcoin ATM!

2. What is the limit?

There is neither a maximum nor minimum limit.


To keep up with the ever-changing nature of the Bitcoin market, Prestmit is constantly updating its mobile app to provide the best customer service possible to its users. Selling Bitcoin on the Prestmit apps assures a seamless transaction process.