A thorough review of SW DAO’s EOY finances

SW DAO offers a variety of strategic DeFi investment products that use Machine Learning and quantitative approaches to deploy capital. SW Alpha Portfolio and SW Yield Farm are two of the newest industry-leading tokenized investment solutions that were released in December 2021. The new December DAO transparency report shows the quick results, that SW DAO reached after launching their products.  

To understand more clearly the SW DAO’s results that reflect the financial health of their Treasury, we need to look closely at some of the figures from the end of 2021. 

SW DAO December Transparency Report 

As we said, SW DAO introduced its industry-leading tokenized investing products SW Alpha Portfolio and SW Yield Farm on December 1, 2021.  

At the end of 2021, the total value locked (TVL) of the two investment products was $955,729.50, with SWYF at $688,455 and SWAP at $267,274.50. Since the December 1 introduction, SWYF has returned +5.75 percent, and SWAP has returned +0.03 percent, exceeding ETH by 23% and 17%, respectively. 

All these statistics show that the tokenized products of SW DAO had immediate success, demonstrating efficiency in operation, and reinforcing the fact that SW DAO products reduce the headache of personal financial management.  

In regard to MarketPeak figures, SW DAO has a lot to boast about. From the end of November to the end of December, funds under the MarketPeak cooperation climbed from $5 million to $10 million. From November to December, the total number of clients under MarketPeak’s SW DAO strategy management increased from 1,000 to 2,000.  

Due to a lesser return on December’s algorithmic strategies, SW DAO received a $29,100 fee payment from MarketPeak, compared to a $29,250 fee in November. 

However, this is SW DAO’s first two months of back-to-back performance tracking. So, their team is looking forward to seeing how these numbers change from month to month and quarter to quarter in 2022. 

Given that SW DAOs current income is heavily based on the MarketPeak performance fee, a particularly variable source of revenue, the January 2022 income statement may look very different from this one. And for that, SW DAO is grateful to SW Capital for seeding their Tokenized Products with $750,000, as the SWYF monthly income has been and will continue to be a major boost to the DAO Treasury bottom line. 

Constant growth prospects 

As SW DAO rolls out additional advertising/promotional ways to increase StackedInvest subscriptions, raise TVL on existing and upcoming tokenized products, and open more channels for revenue creation, income for SW DAO may climb dramatically in Q1. These new income production approaches may effectively improve income and eventually fill budget gaps.  

The SW DAO Founding Team is now considering a fresh round of funding from a strategic partner who may use their professional network and skills to help optimize the launch of our Tokenized Products and ensure their technical success. SW DAO hopes that these early-stage discussions are beneficial and that we will soon have additional information to share with the community.  

Nowadays, having a passive income stream is much needed, mainly when you are stuck in a job that does not pay very well, or you would like to make some pocket money without too much effort. SW DAO’s passive income products may be just the solution retail investors need to create cash flow streams with little worry of investment loss. 

About SW DAO 

From the time these ideas were first conceived in 2016, SW DAO has built a strong team with solid academic backgrounds with a lot of real-world experience.  

The algorithms behind SW DAO examine terabytes of data, including market data, social media posts, and blockchain activity, to find patterns and correlations that allow them to classify market direction, volatility, and risk. SW DAO creates alpha-generating strategies based on the outputs of their systems, which are then analyzed scientifically.  

They offer a variety of strategic DeFi investment products, and recently, they have launched their flagship automated strategies on Polygon.   

Final thoughts  

SW DAO counts on evolution, continued growth, and expansion, as proven by their recent DAO treasury reporting of their financial health at the end of 2021. 

Besides investment results, they also value the community that grows step by step with them and informs everyone of their professional plans while providing transparency via published data. 

They are looking forward to seeing how in 2022 they can leverage the faster and lower-fee Polygon network, inviting you to keep up with their news on their website and be part of a successful passive income journey with them!