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Partner Insights: Lucas Ereth on Transforming Finance

“With a commitment in a structured product, specifically a tracker certificate, one does not invest directly in the cryptocurrency but follows the price movements like a shadow. Investment risk depends on price losses and creditworthiness of the issuer (default risk). However, the investor must remain vigilant. Just because he has purchased a tracker certificate from…

Liechtenstein’s Blockchain Strategy: Insights from the Financial Market Authority

“Payment tokens can only be issued to companies with an FMA license, e. g., an electronic money license or a bank license. However, there are certain exceptions that do not require a permit. With securities tokens, it depends on whether the company uses the token to create a financial instrument for investors or to raise…


“2019’s Trillion Dollar Question: How to merge Blockchains? Yanislav Malahov, Aeternity Smart Contract Platforms: Who’s the Smartest in Town? Grandmother Bitcoin has birthed powerful ecosystems – first and foremost, the Ethereum empire. From July to August in 2014, the Ethereum Foundation launched an Initial Coin Offering to promote its concept to Bitcoin owners. As we…

Legal Aspects and Regulatory Issues of Cryptocurrencies – EU Perspective

In a presentation at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Demelza Hays talked about the legal aspects and regulatory issues of cryptocurrencies in Europe. Read the complete presentation here: Download Presentation

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