SW DAO Launches Automated Investing dApp on Polygon

Wanting to provide users a seamless experience, SW DAO decided that creating an all-in-one dApp that incorporates their investing products is more than necessary.

Besides their previously launched new automated investing strategies on Polygon, SW DAO has now launched its new Crypto Trading dApp, merging all the existing products provided by SW DAO: the Alpha Portfolio, Yield Funds, Quantum Momentum, and many more structured products.

The new dApp is available for access beginning today, June 8th. The SW DAO dApp allows users to invest without doing continuously intensive market research, making the investing and trading journey more user-friendly for the average person.

SW DAO Crypto Trading dApp

In the cryptocurrency market, trading is one of the most popular ways to earn extra income. Automated trading strategies and Decentralized Finance have advanced the investing journey, taking it to the next level.

Using dApps like SW DAOs is more robust and flexible than centralized applications since they don’t require connectivity to a single centralized party to run. It means that enterprises can ensure minimal interruptions and downtime for maximum business continuity and resilience, benefiting your portfolio in the long run.

Second, because there is no centralized data storage, user data is not at risk in the event of a data breach or hacking attempt. This reason might encourage users to prefer decentralized apps over centralized apps if they prefer to self custody of their assets.

Then, being an all-in-one platform, a Crypto Trading dApp is one of the recommended choices in the DeFi investment area because people can quickly discover and invest in different products. Moreover, it helps users navigate without being redirected through multiple sites or waiting for pages to load, which leads them away from engaging with them.

Why Polygon?

Polygon is unique in that it can process transactions fast and cheaply. Its technology completes the transaction confirmation process and allows it to process transactions quickly, with an average block processing time of 2.1 seconds.

The investing journey with SW DAO

For years, SW DAO’s tokenized algorithms have outperformed the market, and SW DAO is sure that they will help users build an optimized portfolio.

Because public changelogs for websites and dApps are challenging to obtain, SW DAO will begin publishing public changelogs for its website and dApp shortly after its launch, demonstrating its ongoing improvements to attract new developers.

Stay updated

SW DAO is prepared for whatever the market throws its way. You can find more information on their official website and socials, Twitter or Telegram.