CAIZ Gears Up to Introduce a Pioneering International Payment Service

CAIZ is at the forefront, preparing to launch its innovative Remittances and International Payments service. This service is designed to meet the growing demands of users seeking efficient, affordable, and secure international transactions. Whether facilitating business payments or personal remittances, CAIZ’s new offering promises to set a new standard in the realm of international financial transfers.

Key Features and Unparalleled Benefits

Central to this service is a suite of features tailored to enhance user experience and trust. Transactions are not only swift, completing in seconds, but also cost-effective with fees ranging from 0.1 to 0.25% of the transaction volume. Users can send fiat currencies such as EUR and USD with ease. On the receiving end, individuals can opt to retrieve the original fiat or exchange it economically to their domestic currency. An added advantage is the option to retain funds within the CAIZ ecosystem in the form of a stablecoin, serving as a safeguard against inflation, or to utilize it in CAIZ Gold for future use.

Commitment to Compliance and User Trust

To ensure a smooth and compliant user journey, the service mandates a full account registration, including passing KYC procedures, as part of the onboarding into the CAIZ ecosystem. This rigorous process underscores CAIZ’s commitment to full verification, transparency, and adherence to both Islamic Financial law and local domestic laws. Users can rest assured knowing their funds remain untouched and readily available during transit, with no hidden tactics or covert methods employed.

The Road to Mainnet Launch

The excitement within the CAIZ community is building as this service is slated to be the inaugural product released once CAIZ’s blockchain/mainnet becomes operational. This milestone is not just a testament to CAIZ’s technological advancements but also its dedication to providing solutions that resonate with users’ needs and values.


With the impending launch of the Remittances & International Payments service, CAIZ is not just introducing a product but a vision for the future of international finance. This vision is rooted in understanding the intricate needs of users and bridging the gap between technology and trust. As CAIZ continues its journey, it remains steadfast in its mission to empower users with tools that are both cutting-edge and deeply aligned with their values. The horizon looks promising, and CAIZ invites its community to be part of this transformative endeavor.

About Caiz

CAIZ stands out as the leading Islamic-compatible Blockchain ecosystem rooted in the EU and is envisioned to be the bridge between the centralized and decentralized financial world.

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