As Bitcoin has become the talk of the town, the digital currency has emerged as the highest trading. In simple words, the paper money got a new online version in terms of virtual coins/stocks.

Now, the point is how one can benefit from it.  

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the virtual currency used to send money to people through the internet, without any physical means.

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How and when was Bitcoin invented?

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym) started mining the genesis block (block No.0). In this mining, he gets the reward of 50 Bitcoins. In this way, Bitcoin came into existence.

When a recommendation came from a well-known and well-framed person, everyone believed it blindfolded. The same happened when Elon Musk (the world wealthiest businessman) revealed his support for digital currency. Recently, he conveyed his message to his followers on social media about his belief in Bitcoin. He stated that:

“Bitcoin is an incredible thing.

Here, we are going to discuss what new Bitcoin has in its offer box!

Have you heard about OnlyCoins before?

If not, let me open the cover.


OnlyCoins is a virtual content marketplace. In this marketplace, creators, likely competitors of the app, can get payments directly from fans. Moreover, it is a platform of online content subscription services that utilize cryptocurrencies.

OnlyCoin was founded 4 years ago and has achieved remarkable growth. Now, OnlyCoin has made a huge policy change, which has enraged women on the street. There is nothing distressing in it because an opportunity has arisen just as OnlyFans is about to end.

The popularity of OnlyCoins is due to people like Crystal Jackson, other names “The Real Mrs. Poindexter.” She is a Sacramento, as well as a California soccer mom, who commenced on OnlyFans. Within a few spans of time, she managed to secure $150K per month. Her success makes her other colleagues unhappy.

It is the rule of nature, even in every field, the haters come first instead of appreciated. If we wonder, it’s good for the achievers to get motivation from their haters and work harder.

Due to these circumstances, Pornhub had to initiate approving cryptocurrency this year as it was kicked out of the idea of payment networks. Similarly, the OnlyFans also think the same. Additionally, they have banned sexual content, due to this few hustling members are moving out.

Can you even give it a thought that one day suddenly you get news of the collapse of your business worth $150K?

No, can’t imagine, right!

So, here is a solution: OnlyCoins allows sexual content and accepts Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) along with a few other digital currencies. The other financial institutions such as banks are not part of this story.

Now, there is no doubt that this policy change will impact OnlyFans growth immensely. But the good thing happens to OnlyCoin, who will get an advantage from this transition. Might be possible, OnlyCoin touches the growth at sky level.

The beginning of October was supposed to be a Wild Shift on the website. How? The answer is simple, OnlyFans says a final goodbye, and new members will get registered on OnlyCoin and boost the growth.

Is there any doubt left about how influential Bitcoin is?

An entity without the involvement of the government keeps reaching the skies. Bitcoin is the problem solver for all the businesses out there in the market.

There is no history available for any entity that is so strong and worthy. People like Crystal Jackson really got an enormous solace. Her struggle to save her marriage and family will be paid off well when she switched to OnlyCoin.

Wrapping It Up:

On the whole, the world’s strongest digital concurrency, Bitcoin has acquired more platforms to benefit more people. On the farewell of OnlyFans for not allowing sexual content, OnlyCoin accepted the content and offered payment in cryptocurrency. Through this step, OnlyCoin will get a rapid boost in its growth in October.

Are you looking to acquire some coins?

Then, this is the right time to grab the bandwagon.