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The Most Incredible Duo of all Time – Bitcoin Suisse and Incrementum

The times are changing, and they are changing forever. Asset management and banking is shifting into cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Financial intermediaries are adapting and reinventing themselves. Decentralized finance gives everyone an equal opportunity to be part of the economy. Big FinTech and firms like Bitcoin Suisse are making finance more inclusive, more affordable, and most of all, faster.

To continue to offer the highest quality services and products, Bitcoin Suisse is building up a modern research lab combining insights on the market from the trading room, fundamental indicators of price movements based on deep data, and general updates spanning from regulation to computer science. In collaboration with Incrementum AG, Bitcoin Suisse will gather these insights and publish a weekly newsletter.

This collaboration is especially thankful to one of our Premium Partners of the Crypto Research Report, Bitcoin Suisse AG. Bitcoin Suisse is a Swiss cryptocurrency broker; however, they also support the Crypto Franc stablecoin, the Värdex ATM network, and Swiss Crypto Vault. Recently, they opened up a new office in Liechtenstein.

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