Crypto Valley

    The canton of Zug in Switzerland is often called Crypto Valley because many cryptocurrency firms started in Zug or moved their headquarters to Zug. Zug is attracting big IT companies and also start-ups because of the affordable office places, good infrastructure, and fast Internet connection. Zug’s taxes are twice as low as the average in Switzerland, which offers a crucial competitive advantage. On a national level, in May 2015, Bitcoin was exempt from Swiss VAT, which increased legal certainty for companies like Bitcoin Suisse AG. Since July 1, 2016 Zug authorities started to accept Bitcoin payments for municipal costs. Overall, Zug is open for crypto business!

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    Demelza Hays
    Demelza Hays has been conducting research in the field of crypto-related assets since 2013. In addition to teaching a course on cryptocurrency at the University of Liechtenstein, Ms. Hays regularly presents and writes on the topic of cryptocurrencies. Her work has been published in several distinguished print and online magazines including Forbes, Der Standard, and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.