Transfer Data Fully Securely with 4-SOFT Blockchain Software

Transfer Data Fully Securely with 4-SOFT Blockchain Software

One of the secrets to a successful company is the communication between teams and departments. 

However, in the last couple of years, this was primarily transferred into digital, especially now in the pandemic. And who can blame us? Digital communication makes everything happen quickly, and it exceeded the area for new employees. 

But this raises a lot of issues regarding the security of data transferred. Messages, written documents, images, videos – each of them is extremely fragile to malicious actors. 

The more successful the company is, the more it’s exposed to attacks. And cyber-security software tools are often expensive. Plus, it depends on the level of security of the communication platform itself as well (Slack, Telegram, Sharepoint, etc.). To fight against all of these, you need something much stronger than what you are used to. You need blockchain technology, and luckily, 4-SOFT is already on the market.

What is 4-SOFT?

4-SOFT is a computer software company founded in 2018, which realized how much impact blockchain technology has over the economic and IT areas.  

Therefore, the team decided to join the decentralized movement and rethink its vision. Now, the company aims to improve the security of business communication through encryption

The new software bears the same name as the company, and it is a great addition to any business that relies on digital communication. 

How does it work?

4-SOFT is basically a data transferal system with an API structure linked with its own DAPP and blockchain. There are three stages of data encryption:

  • Stage 1: The type of the input is converted to a Y-GEN structure;
  • Stage 2: The new data package is sent to the blockchain storage through APIs;
  • Stage 3: The encrypted data is sent to the recipient. 

The benefits are huge. The data is kept in cold storage, and nobody else can access it besides you and your partner. Even more, if you are not online, the recipient can’t open the documents and vice-versa. 4-SOFT needs both of you. 

By having your data stored into the blockchain, malicious actors would need to own at least 51% of all the inputs existent, which is almost impossible (and expensive to try). 

The BEP-20 4-STOCK Token

In order to get access to 4-SOFT services, you need to own some 4-STOCK, which is the core token of the ecosystem. The gasoline, if you will. It can be bought on PancakeSwap and will serve two purposes:

  • For tokenized share;
  • For 4-SOFT platform’s payment.

4-SOFT Partners

The pilot project was already bought by no less than 140 companies in Saudi Arabia, including the Ministry of Health, SFDA, and MODON. 

4-SOFT is part of Google, IBM, and Amazon Web Services, which proves the potential of this innovation in both economic and IT systems. 

If all of these sounds intriguing, you know what to do. Get 4-SOFT and update your business shield!