Earn Lunch Money to Review Restaurants

Now that the Crypto industry has the spotlight, everybody wants to join the blockchain revolution. However, getting Bitcoin or other altcoins requires some investments, and you can’t always be sure if it’ll be worth it.

But what if you could receive pay by doing nothing more than submitting feedback on your restaurant visit or order?

Sounds too good to be true? Then let’s see how Lunch Money is making that a reality.

What is Lunch Money?

Lunch Money is a decentralized app developed by Cofounders Jeffery Varnado and Adrian Triplett that incentivizes real feedback from restaurant customers worldwide with instant payments in the platform’s native currency. For restaurants and eateries, Lunch Money eliminates low quality reviews while improving service quality using real customer insights.

To give you some context, it’s well known that reviews are mostly given by those who had a bad experience, rather than those who were satisfied with the restaurant’s service or their meal. So how can restaurants convince their loyal customers to provide feedback aimed at improving their services?

That’s where Lunch Money comes in. Using Lunch Money, restaurants can receive real feedback and reward the customer.

How does it work?

The process is quite simple and requires your favorite restaurant to partner with Lunch Money. After you submit feedback, and it has been verified, a percentage of the bill will be sent to your wallet of choice in the form of Lunch Money (LMY).

What you have to do:

  1. After you’ve patronized a restaurant or eatery, take a picture of your receipt;
  2. Register or Login to lunchmoney.io and search, select or add the restaurant;
  3. Fill in your feedback and upload a picture of your receipt 
  4. Input your receive address where you want to hold your LMY or choose for the rewards to be sent to your account;
  5. Submit the feedback form and wait for approval 

What will happen next:

  1. After the feedback is verified, the approval triggers a market buy from crypto exchanges like Uniswap thus increasing LMY’s value and liquidity each time.
  2. The asset is then sent directly from the market to the receive address submitted by you;
  3. You can hold LMY on the account and earn Lunch Money; it can be spent, swapped, or deposited into a Uniswap LMY liquidity pool for earning passive income. 

Join the Gig Economy

Simply put, why not get paid for your reviews? Receive loyalty rewards that grow in value for doing nothing more than eating at your favorite restaurants and writing a review. Restaurants can receive a lot more awareness from tokenized reviews. Even more, LMY is backed by feedback. Since feedback drives the value of LMY, as its user base grows, so does the value of the token. 

The Best Opportunity

Whether you’re a foodie or you like to amaze people with your recipes, you can earn income while gaining real and valuable insights. Be up to date with world innovations and visit lunchmoney.io for a unique crypto experience.