Automatic Trading Tools Turn Out to Be Increasingly Popular Today

Deep trading bot

Now we want to to tell about one of the most popular solutions of a kind – DeepTradeBot, a unique combination of Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Crypto trading platforms sometimes provide clients with too many instruments along with a complicated UI, and there may be 2 issues: it is too hard for a rookie to get started on using the platform effectively, but for the seasoned traders that takes a long time to spend in the system in any case.

These facts are exactly why automated trading platforms enjoy considerable attention in the todays reality.

DeepTradeBot provides traders with a possibility to use AI features that make crypto trading more efficient while one can afford spending less time for the process. The entire solution has been created to be easy to use. Let’s have a look on its functions.

DeepTradeBot AI bots trade on popular platforms

The trading robots functionality is founded on deeply machine learning and neural networks multiplied by the effectiveness of cloud computing and BigData technological innovations.

The system works jointly with Bittrex, Exmo, Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex and Huobi exchanges, and provides the chance to lease one of 4 trading bots offered:

Deep trading bot

DeepTradeBot has multiple AI robots

Each of them becomes activated at the best time, and allows to trade successfully regardless of the recent market situation.

The most principal modes are:

High frequency trading:

A bot analyses the price sensitivity on the trading platforms by their order books, that could not be monitored by visually.

To do this, the bot accumulates every alternation in the order book and evaluates the probability of price movements.

Arbitrage trading:

The simplest model, always accessible, but with a yield of just 5% to 15%.

It’s function is to provide supplementary protection when the other modes make less profit than average;

Algorithmic trading based on technical indicators;

Trading with the help of fundamental analysis.

The bot analyses the news “stuffing” through social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, etc. Thus making use of its man-made intellect capabilities DeepTradeBot definitely makes the most of the program work for a trader: it analyses numerous recognised feedbacks from traders, regulators, creators (such as criticism or support) who make a negative or positive news background by their posts.

These records in turn possess a straight effect on the rates and trading volumes. The automatic news keywords parsers allow the bots to evaluate the potential news impact from a specific source.

It’s depending on historical details about the information effect on rates and trading volumes.

Top 3 main advantages of DeepTradeBot

Increased Winrate

Usually it takes a minimum of 1 second to transmit a signal using the API which the other robots, or even a web socket used to work with. During this period, the Winrate may be lessened by 40%.

The secret to attaining a higher Winrate rating for deepTradeBot is always to obtain trading indicators from the exchange server.

Better interface

One and only thing you need is to refill your balance, get a bot, and enjoy savings on fees, have a greater money turnover, a larger Winrate, and accordingly – profits.

Lower fees

A large trading volume on exchanges opens the opportunity to acquire very low trading commission fees: the greater the trading volume is, the lower the percentage on top trading platforms.

Thus, due to margin trading and trading with big volume, the bots make profits even in cases where there’s little volatility and insignificant arbitrage opportunities in the market.

DeepTradeBot Pricing and Options

DeepTradeBot has four bots to select from, including a free one which permits new customers to test the platform for free.

It offers the next bots to rent:

  • MiniBot 5 NFS / Free Bot
  • StandartBot 10 NFS / $10 USD
  • ProBot 15 NFS / $25 USD
  • NetPremium 40 NFS / $45 USD
Deep trading bot

Each one features its own rental conditions, minimal and maximal daily revenue range, trading pairs etc.

The currencies available to use for today are BTC, ETH, LTC and DOGE.

AI Trading Advantages

A bot is not emotional

It’s not a secret that the entire world is near world-wide robotisation. Self driving automobiles, communication bots, smart houses are the today’s reality.

And when today’s robots perform rather low-qualified functions, tomorrow they may take over the processes necessitating intricate logical activities.

Using the AI trading we are at the dawn of this epoch.

Probably the most challenging job in trading is to avert being emotional, but have rather flexible thinking.

But this is quite easy for an AI bot.

Non-adaptive trade systems are suitable cause they can use the proper trading methodology whenever the conditions are correct.

Instead of being emotional and performing errors, trade robots will always enter the market at the correct moment.

A bot doesn’t get tired

It is not possible for a trader to work 24/7 without a break. It’s very hard to keep pace with the speed the crypto market develops with, every day of the week.

Trading bots are functioning in automatic mode, and never get fatigued. Thus it looks wise to get a 24/7 automatic AI-based assistant that will take care of your trading activity during the whole day and week.

The fact is a single successful deal can completely refund you the cost of the robot rent and save your time and money.

A bot is always same attentive

You have probably noticed that once the Bitcoin price increases, the cost of a definite sheetcoin may immediately drop down, as if there was a kind of rule.

Such a simple dependency can be seen with the human eye. Artificial Intelligence is also able to to discover, follow and anticipate much more deeper and even multi-level dependencies that are absolutely unnoticeable to the unaided eye.

But the main benefit of a robot is it is not just intended for this type of procedures, although the much more data it analyses, the smarter it might be.

Self-learning is the main feature of DeepTradeBot.

Is AI Trading for You?

Should you be looking for ways to improve your crypto trading results, DeepTradeBot may be worth to use.

The free of charge bot will give you a great possibility to try the service without any having extra charge.

The crypto trading instruments and activities are developing day by day. DeepTradeBot will assist you to succeed in this promising industry with very minimum expenses.

The DeepTradeBot strategies will certainly help you to enjoy earnings no matter which way the industry is trending right now.

Although the biggest edge is DeepTradeBot is working 24/7 and offers you maximum of extra time throughout the day.