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Category Archives: Advisory Board Meetings

Advisory Board Meeting Q4

Mark Valek: Welcome to our Advisory Board Crypto Research Report of the fourth quarter. A lot has been going on and we are very happy to have all of you here again to talk about some of the developments. Pricewise, cryptocurrency markets are generally still on the weaker side, we have been experiencing a bear…

Advisory Board Meeting Q2

Oliver Völkel Stefan Wieler Max Tertinegg Topics Market Overview Lightning Network Regulation Custody and Institutions Final thoughts The Bitcoin Standard (video) Mark Valek:  Welcome to our second advisory board meeting of the Crypto Research Report. Thank you so much for joining us again this quarter. Max Tertinegg co-founder & CEO of Coinfinity, Oliver Völkel, Partner…

Advisory Board Meeting Q1

Ronald Stöferle Hi and thanks for joining. To give you some background on our company; Incrementum was founded in 2013 in Liechtenstein and we’re currently managing five investment funds. We’ve also got a wealth management department which is led by our CEO, Stefan Kremeth, and we also have a research department that produces the “In…

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